Concerned citizens started the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch to be a positive contributor to crime prevention in Green Point and surrounds. The GPNW is a voluntary organisation serving the Green Point  community and is a supportive structure to the Community Policing Forum (CPF) of The Sea Point Policing Precinct. It is made up of ordinary residents taking extra ordinary steps to create an safer environment for all residents and visitors.



Green Point,  where people meet and greet in the street, where residents, pets, students , home owners, police, security companies, tenants, small business, tourist, all merge into one village, a thriving extrovert community.

Green Point, where the  community is connected, not only using latest digital and WIFI / CCTV technology, but also through traditional face to face contact, word of mouth and friendly “gossip”, where visitors get welcomed while unwanted elements are recognized and moved out.

Green Point, the emerging capital of sports, the concert capital, with an amazing urban park, golf course, the best weather in the world. Green Point, where we walk, talk, cycle and recycle, encapsulated by mountain and sea where nature is our core and mutual respect our future.

Green Point Neighbourhood Watch Mission Statement

The Green Point Neighbourhood Watch is committed to preserving today and designing tomorrow through community camaraderie, communication, awareness education and neighbourhood policing in action. By creating a strong Green Point community, we will create a safe & pleasant neighbourhood environment that will maintain / improve the quality of life enjoyed by all residents.

A Neighbourhood Watch is an effective way for neighbourhoods to reduce crime and prevent crime in their surroundings. In partnership with South African Policing Service, Community Policing Forums ,Security companies and commitment from residents.

The Green Point Watch together with our neighbouring watches aims to create awareness among our residents as to criminal activity and monitor untoward behaviour in the community.


To encourage participation in the neighbourhood watch and with the community police, to contribute to the safety of Green Point.
To create a stronger sense of community across all sectors / residents
To minimize the incidence of preventable crime
Reduce the fear of crime
Increase the reporting of crime and suspicious behaviour
Deter criminal activity by increasing the probability of apprehension
To foster respect and pride for our neighbourhood
To work in partnerships will local police and security companies sharing information and advice concerning crime and other incidents
To build a volunteer base of administrators, team leaders, street captains, lookers who will assist to run the neighbourhood effectively
To become community problem solvers and not complainers
To respect and be respected by our community.

Getting involved is easy

It is as easy as getting to know your neighbour, exchanging contact details and watching out for each other. You and your neighbours are in a position to observe strange behaviour and /or strange people in your street and report it to police or your security companies.

Crime prevention is everyone’s business. Residents of a community are all responsible for the safety of their communities.

Please join the neighbourhood watch by completing the form on the Membership + Joining page.