Code of Conduct

1. Aims and Objectives
o To nurture a sense of unity, dedication and good neighbourly relations among the residents of GREEN POINT.
o To assist the local police to safeguard the community against criminal activities and strive for a safe and secure environment.
o To provide a channel through which local communities can play a meaningful role in crime prevention in a manner that is ethical and non-violent.
o To create public awareness with regard to safety, crime prevention and protection of families and their property. The community to work in close co-operation with the SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICES (SAPS) and the other structures such as local authorities who are involved in law enforcement.
o To unite a diverse residency in creating a stable and crime free environment.
2. Indemnity
o GPNW is not a legal person and functions within the guidelines provided by and set out in the Western Cape Provincial Constitution and the Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures.
o An acknowledgement to this effect must be signed by all members of GPNW clearly indemnifying the Neighbourhood Watch
o The acknowledgement must clearly state that GPNW is a voluntary association.
o Each member of GPNW shall sign an indemnity to be given to the Sector Leader before taking part in any patrol on behalf of GPNW.
3. Liability
o GPNW is not a legal person and as such does not have powers of whatever nature which might be in law to act or to be acted upon.
o All individual members act in their own capacity as individuals and liability will be in that capacity.
o GPNW will not be responsible for civil and or criminal actions or omissions that are perpetrated by a member of GPNW nor responsible for civil and or criminal actions or omissions against its members.
o All and any criminal and civil actions that are instituted against a member of GPNW will be against the member concerned and not GPNW.
o Any damage or injury to any member of GPNW or his or her property when such member is acting as a member of GPNW in whatsoever capacity shall, subject to claims against third parties be the sole and absolute responsibility of the member.
o GPNW carries no insurances whatsoever for members or their families or dependants.
o Members of GPNW must take all such steps as they choose to establish their own legal position as to their
personal/accident/medical or vehicle insurances and assurances.
o The Green Point Neighbourhood Watch and any organisation affiliated to the GPNW act in their own capacity and singularly and jointly absolve the Sea Point CPF and the South African Police services of any liability for their actions.
4. Accountability
o GPNW will be accountable to SAPS in the first instance and shall also be accountable to the Sea Point Community Police Forum.
o When on patrol a Green Point Neighbourhood Watch member may only use “minimum force “as described in Section 42 of the Act 51 of 1977 (arrest without a warrant) to secure the arrest of any person who commits or attempts to commit or whom he/she reasonably believes has committed any offence named under schedule 1.
o Each member of GPNW shall give to his Sector Leader a written report of all incidents during any patrol or similar duty within 24 hours of completion of such patrol or similar action on behalf of GPNW.
o The form of written report is attached to his protocol and a blank form will be given to or available to each member before the member embarks upon any patrol.
o The Sector Leaders shall give all completed forms to the zone leaders
o If SAPS or the Crime Prevention Officer reasonably require a statement to be made earlier than the time referred to above, the member of GPNW and the Sector Leader shall comply with such request.
5. Functions
o GPNW must assist SAPS in crime prevention in the GREEN POINT area.
o GPNW will adopt and support the social crime prevention policy of SAPS.
o GPNW must operate within the framework of the law. Only minimum force may be used to secure an arrest as defined in Criminal Procedure Act No 51 of 1977.
o GPNW members will have powers similar to that of any other citizen to perform a citizen’s arrest and the requirements set out in the Criminal Procedure Act No. 51 of 1977 will be adhered to and complied with at all times.
o Members of GPNW have the same rights as any member of the public to arrest a perpetrator of an offence or of any person reasonably suspected of being about to commit an offence.
6. Identity Cards
o All members of GPNW will have identity cards and must carry these cards at all times when on patrol on behalf of GPNW.
o The identity cards of members must contain a recent photograph of the member, his or her full names, identity number and the member’s legible signature.
o The identity cards shall refer to SEA POINT Police Station and be signed by the local station commissioner.
o All identity cards shall be validated annually.
o Any member losing his or her identity card shall forthwith report such loss to the Sector Leader.
o Only members of GPNW as defined in the constitution may go on patrol.
o No person under the age of eighteen years shall be a member of GPNW.
7. Conduct.
o All members of GPNW must at all times act in a non-violent manner. No member may take the law in his or her own hands irrespective of circumstances.
o No member of GPNW will display racism; sexism or any other form of discrimination towards any other member and any other person.
o No member shall carry any weapon perceived to be dangerous that could inflict serious bodily harm or damage property. This includes dangerous weapons as defined by law when patrolling. Only weapons for the sole purpose of self- defence as approved by the Provincial Commissioner, SAPS-Western Cape may be used.
o Should a member of GPNW be found guilty of a criminal offence committed when the member is operating formally as a GPNW member, GPNW will take such disciplinary actions as are considered appropriate by the Committee and will issue a public statement regarding its action.
o Members of GPNW shall not divulge any confidential or privileged information that they may have acquired as a result of their membership of GPNW.
o No member of GPNW may exploit his or her membership for personal advantage or benefit.
o Members of GPNW must at all times act in a manner that will uphold and promote the aims and objectives of GPNW.
8. Conduct and Patrol Procedures
o The master registration form of which a draft is attached hereto must be filled in before each patrol. All details of name, cell phone number, vehicle registration number and area to be patrolled must be legible recorded. Details of any weapons carried must be provided.
o Members of GPNW are permitted to carry and use high intensity torches up to ten million candle power.
o Each member going on patrol must have at least one cell phone in each car or group of members on foot patrol.
o Each cell phone used on patrol shall contain in the memory the cell phone number of the response vehicle cell phone, the SEA POINT SAPS telephone number and the cell phone number of at least one of the other patrols on duty during the same roster hours.
o Members of GPNW are not expected or required to confront any person of any race creed or gender whether they are suspected of being about to commit a crime or having committed a crime. The duty of members on patrol is to report any suspicious person or vehicle in the neighbourhood. Members shall use their own discretion as to whether to drive around their allocated Sector or whether to remain stationary and in the latter instance whether or not to keep the vehicles engine running.
o The report shall be by cell phone to the Response vehicle and to SAPS in SEA POINT and it may be advisable to inform any other GPNW vehicle on patrol. The precise position of the member or the member’s vehicle must be given to the response vehicle and all members on patrol should ensure that they are aware of their precise location at all times.
o GPNW members shall follow any instructions from the response vehicle as to whether to follow the suspects or maintain observation. No physical interferences can be directed by SAPS.
o GPNW members shall withdraw from any scene or incident forthwith upon any violence being used or threatened and shall not confront the perpetrators.
o NOTHING herein contained shall restrict the rights of any member as an individual to defend him or herself using reasonable force so to do if faced with a situation where the member or any other person on duty with such member is subjected to actual or reasonably anticipated violence.
o Any incident shall forthwith be recorded briefly in writing with detail of time, place, number of suspects or perpetrators, description of perpetrators by age, size and colour and clothing followed by a brief description of the incident.
o The detail of the incident must be formally recorded on the form referred to above. If a member of GPNW discharges any firearm such further forms as required by SAPS must be completed.
o No member of GPNW shall release any statement to any media on any matters concerning GPNW unless the Crime Prevention Officer has agreed the content of any statement. If approval is not given within seven days of submitting the proposed statement the member is at liberty to release a statement.
9. Working with SAPS
o SAPS shall be obliged whenever possible to provide members, reservist or assist to arrange for members from other law enforcement agencies to supervise GPNW when patrols are undertaken.
o The Department of Community Safety will decide on approval of all project-funding applications for GPNW as submitted by the Community Police Forum (CPF).
o GPNW and SAPS must share information on matters pertaining to crime prevention and the apprehension of criminals.
o SAPS and CPF must assist each other in the publicity campaign for GPNW.


Constitution of Green Point Neighbourhood Watch

1. The name of the watch shall be the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch, hereinafter referred to as the GPNW.
2. The GPNW will be a voluntary organisation subscribing to and upholding our SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS
3.1. The GPNW shall include all properties, (single residential, sectional title or other cluster developments, business or any other) bounded by the following demarcation as noted in 3.2.
3.2. The GPNW will, cover the same area defined as Sector 1 by SAPS Sea Point and by the Green Point Rate Payers Association [GPRRA]. The boundaries shall be from Glengariff Road to Beach Road, across to Portswood Road and up to Boundary Road to the top of Merriman Road (the fire break) and back to Glengariff Road.
4.1. To comply at all times to the provisions contained in the Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watches Structures [WCNWS] and in the event of there being any conflict between the WCNWS and this Constitution the provisions of the WCNWS shall prevail.
4.2. To raise community awareness of the extent of criminal activity within the GPNW area.
4.3. To provide a service of information to the local Police Station by encouraging residents to report suspicious behaviour and unusual occurrences
4.4. To foster a close working relationship between the South African Police Services [SAPS]
4.5. To focus on matters of safety and security and to strive to make GPNW area as crime free as possible
4.6. To seek and obtain funding and resources through the Community Police Forum from any Governmental or departmental source (including SAPS reinforcements)
4.7. Financially self- supporting and independent
4.8. To liaise and cooperate with other similar organisations with similar aims and objectives
4.9. To carry out all such task that may be relevant to a neighbourhood crime watch organisation so as to minimise the possibility of criminal activity. This may include member-resident patrols to OBSERVE AND LISTEN ONLY AND REPORT SUSPICIOUS AND UNTOWARDS CIRCUMSTANCES that may relate to crime or potential criminal activity to the police and or contracted security companies.
5.1. Membership shall be open to any person living, working or owning property in the prescribed area
5.2. Membership shall be voluntary and vetted by SAPS
5.3. The GPNW shall not reject an applicant without sufficient reason
5.4. An up to date register shall be kept of all members of the GPNW and shall be updated annually, this will contain all relevant info, NAMES, ID NO’S, ADDRESSES, TELEPHONE NO’S AND INDEMNITY FORMS signed by the members
5.5. GPNW shall determine a membership fee which will remain voluntary and will not depend on it as a source of income.
5.6. Personal information of a member may only be used as required for the operation of the GPNW and shall not be used for any other purpose, nor shall it be divulged to any third party without the specific consent of that member.
5.7. Each member is entitled to one vote
5.8. Each member shall be entitled to appoint a proxy in writing to represent him or her at any meeting of the GPNW member meetings
6.1. A member may resign by writing or by email to the GPNW’S email address
6.2. The committee may in their absolute discretion terminate membership of any member in writing with given intentions to do so; such notice shall contain full reasons for the committee actions
7.1. The management committee shall comprise of:
7.2. The Chairperson, duly elected by the committee and responsible for co-ordinating and managing activities of the committee
7.3. The Deputy Chair person, the secretary, The Treasurer, The co-ordinator and 1 appointed Sector leader from each of the zones and a representative from each Portfolio Sub Committee
7.4. This Committee shall hold office until the conclusion of the first AGM but shall be eligible for re-election
7.5. Each member of the committee shall be entitled to one vote at meetings of the committee
7.6. Each member may vote by proxy duly authorized in writing but not more than 3 times in a year including the inaugural meeting
8.1. The duties and responsibilities of the EXCO shall be consistent with that of normally accepted committee practice.
8.2. The chairperson shall act as chair at all meetings; in the event the chairperson is unavailable the deputy chair will sit in with a non-office bearer as deputy.
8.3. The secretary will give notice to all (Exco) members in writing of the outcome of the meeting, the date of the next meeting with the agenda attached.
8.4. The Treasurer shall record all financial transactions and keep proper books of account. The treasurer shall furnish details of which may be needed at all meetings if requested.
8.5. The Co-Ordinator shall effectively put into place and co-ordinate all tasks that are relevant to the operation of the GPNW
8.6. The Sector Zone Leaders will be responsible for the accurate recording and monitoring of Patrols and the GPNW members affiliated to the patrols.
9.1. There shall be an annual general meeting of GPNW, which shall take place once a year, to be determined by the Exco and communicated to all members at least 14 days in advance
9.2. Special general meetings may be called by simple majority vote
9.3. Committee meetings may be called on an ad-hoc basis i.e. Patrol/Marketing meetings.
9.4. GPNW members who are not committee members may attend as observers without a vote.
9.5. All minutes of the meeting shall be made available to the secretary in her/his absence and will be communicated to members of the committee
10.1. The GPNW is not a legal person and functions within the guidelines of the WCPC and Code of Conduct
10.2. All members of GPNW will indemnify the committee of any wrong doing that has occurred in their own capacity
10.3. The GPNW members and Committee Members are always individually responsible for their own actions and the consequences thereof while carrying out their voluntary duties in the service of GPNW
10.4. All duties, functions, activities, services undertaken by members in any form, are voluntary and at their own risk and neither the GPNW or any of its members, committee members or associated members accepts any liability neither jointly or severally, for any damage to property or injury to person, howsoever caused and of whatsoever nature.
11.1. The GPNW and any neighbourhood watch affiliated to the GPNW act in their own capacity, as individuals and absolve the Community police forum and the South African Police serves of any liability, whether personal or of financial nature
11.2. All and any Criminal and civil actions that are instituted against a member of the GPNW will be against the member concerned and not the GPNW, nor the SEA POINT Community Policing Forum[CPF] and The South African Police Services[SAPS].
11.3. Limited liability, All EXCO members have a limited liability of R500.00. Any liability above this will require the approval and majority vote of the EXCO members.
12.1. The GPNW will be accountable to the Sea Point Community Police Forum
12.2. Where it is found to be that the CPF and LOCAL POLICE be dysfunctional the GPNW will be accountable to the Provincial Community Police Board
12.3. All GPNW members will be accountable to the GPNW EXCO Committee for all their actions, where it is found that the member has brought the Good Name of the GPNW into disrepute or in the event of any misconduct, disciplinary action will take place in the form of REPRIMAND, SUSPENSION or EXPULSION SUBJECT TO INVESTIGATION.
12.4. In the event of a complaint being lodged against a member of the GPNW, the matter will be dealt with at the earliest convenience and advice the complainant of its actions.
13.1. No Committee member of the GPNW or its members may exploit their membership to their own personal advantage
13.2. No member shall accept any payment, commission or gratuity in connection with their membership, except after being authorized to do so by the EXCO of the GPNW
13.3. No member shall use their membership to promote the aims and objectives of any political Organisation.
13.4. No member shall display racism, gender or religious discrimination or bias nor use any form of violence to any person.
14.1. Any alterations to this Constitution shall require not less than two- thirds of members of GPNW being present and voting at an annual General Meeting of Special General Meeting
14.2. Notice of any such alterations shall be received, by the committee in writing not less than 21 days before the meeting, At least 14days notice shall be given by the secretary to the members of the GPNW
14.3. No alteration shall be made to Clause 3.1 or this Clause until the approval in writing of the Community Police Forum or other authority having jurisdiction shall have been obtained and no alteration shall be made which would have the effect of causing GPNW to cease to apply the principles of the Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code Of Conduct For Neighbourhood Watch Structures.
15.1. Where it is found that the GPNW is in a state of dysfunction by the CPF, the Community police forum will have the power to hold all assets in trust, until such time that the GPNW restructures and regroups.
16.1. If the Committee by simple majority decides at any time that on the grounds of expenses or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the GPNW it shall call a meeting of all members of the GPNW who have powers to vote, of which 14days notice will be given.
16.2. If such decision shall be confirmed by two-thirds majority of those present and voting at such a meeting, the Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by the GPNW. Any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been satisfied, the GPNW Committee shall have the power to dispose of any remaining assets to an organisation with similar objectives as that of GPNW in a charitable manner.