At the GPNW’s Annual General Meeting held on 24th March 2021 Peter Flentov, Chair of the GPNW, reflected on the challenges of the past year. The COVID pandemic negatively impacted plans to engage with SAPS to improve cooperation with the GPNW, including assisting with active patrols by GPNW members. We also experienced significant problems with the GPNW’s radio network, and the GPNW was engaged in litigation for much of the year.

Despite these challenges the GPNW achieved significant success in 2020. In February the GPNW adopted a new constitution and communications to the members increased last year. A record number of members supported the GPNW financially and this enabled us to license Buzzer for the community. The GPNW implemented a new and improved website and held its first ever webinar for members. We also secured a supply of pepper spray which we made available to members at cost. The radio network was also stabilised and upgraded.