We are a community organisation working in cooperation with SAPS, the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and security companies in the area to ensure that crime is reported and promptly dealt with.

Members have access to channels that alert them of what is happening around them and allow them to report criminal and suspicious activity.

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The GPNW Crime & Emergency WhatsApp alert group allows members to report criminal and suspicious activity. The group is monitored on GPNW’s behalf by Avenue Response and other security companies, as well as several senior members of SAPS Sea Point on the group and has been successful in allowing a quick response to incidents in the area.

The GPNW Chat & Alerts WhatsApp group keeps members informed and allows members to connect with other members in the area.

To qualify, users must be paid-up GPNW members.

Radio Network

Quick and efficient communication with SAPS and local security companies means effective reaction to crime and other emergencies. Our GPNW Radio Network uses a dedicated ICASA assigned frequency to allow members who are GPNW radio holders to communicate directly with GPNW’s WatchCom control room, SAPS Sea Point and their patrol vehicles, and each other.

Radio holders are paid-up GPNW members who have gone through police clearance and who have a compatible 2-way radio.

Zone Patrols

We believe that people care most about their immediate neighbourhood and are most motivated to ensure the safety of their immediate surroundings. Zone patrols are a way for GPNW members to take responsibility for the safety of their immediate neighbourhood by patrolling one of the five zones in the area with fellow GPNW members.

LPR Cameras

License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras are equipped with optical recognition capabilities that can read license plates. The cameras are strategically placed to identify vehicles known to have been used in criminal activity when they enter the area. LPR cameras across the Peninsula have successfully led to the arrest of known criminals before they were able to commit any further crimes.

Our cameras, together with ± 70 LPR cameras in neighbouring Sea Point, feed into the Sea Point CID’s Control Room. When a vehicle that has been listed as stolen or having been previously involved in a crime is detected then the system alerts SAPS, Metro Police and Law Enforcement.

One of the GPNW’s strategic priorities is to collect funds needed to purchase and install additional LPR cameras.

Control Room

A central place to monitor and respond to all reported activity ensures that all reported criminal and suspicious activity is responded to on a timely basis, increasing the effectiveness of community-based incident reporting.

Avenue Response actively monitor the GPNW’s Radio Network, and the GPNW Crime & Emergency WhatsApp Group on our behalf.


Effective community policing is a partnership between SAPS and an engaged community that acts as the eyes and ears for the police. We work closely with the SAPS Visible Policing Commander and our Sector Manager to coordinate patrols and to ensure that SAPS responds appropriately to crime in the area.

We also participate in the Community Policing Forum, the primary method for civilian oversight of the various police and law enforcement agencies. Should you have a complaint about the level of service received from SAPS, please complete the form (select “SAPS Complaint/Compliment”) with details of the complaint (or compliment for a job well done), which we will gladly pass along to the CPF and Station Commander.