Funding / Donations

Green Point Watch is a voluntary organisation however there are cost that are incurred in setting up and running an neighbourhood watch. We have great plans for the neighbourhood and need your assistance in achieving these. We especially appeal to those people who are unable to donate their time to consider a financial donation.

The Green Point Watch membership is free however we request that you consider the following donations when you join.

  • A once off administration fee of R 100 to cover costs.
  • Thereafter each member will be requested to make an annual voluntary payment of R 150 for membership.

Any donations are welcome and please email if you require additional information.

We would like to thank all the members who have paid their subscriptions regularly and the members would contribute on a monthly basis to the watch.

Bank Details

Account Name Green Point Neighbourhood Watch
Bank Standard Bank
Account Number 421421932
Branch Code 024109 (Sea Point)


To donate using Snapscan, please use the following QR Code (Please add your email address where requested by snapcan or please email in order for us to thank you)  :

Snapscam code GPWATCH 3