Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa

GPNW NewsLetter 1/2019




We, the GPNW Exco, will endeavor to send out regular newsletters in the future. This Newsletter is relatively long as it contains many relevant issues for reference purposes. Future newsletters will deal with specific matters such as crime and specific projects etc.

All newsletters will also be posted on our Website.        


  1. Who are we?


  • Please visit our Website at: for general information on the GPNW.
  • Our website also reflects our Vision and Mission statements, our Constitution and our Code of Conduct.
  • History of GPNW:

The Green Point Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (GPRRA) was formed in 2007 and all Crime and Safety related issues were dealt with under the single banner of the GPRRA. Some 2-3 years later it was decided to transfer all Crime and Safety related issues to the then newly formed GPNW.


The GPNW Exco consists of the following volunteers:

  • Chairperson Charles Scheltema
  • 1st Vice Chair Dijon Anthony
  • 2nd Vice Chair Yvonne Shaff
  • Radio network Matt Feinstein / Dijon Anthony
  • Treasurer Sandi Feinstein
  • Secretary/Admin Mnandi Bestbier
  • Admin Maria Anagnostellis
  • Membership Steve Massey
  • Social media FB Karen Fletcher


  1. What do we, the GPNW do?


We operate in line with our GPNW Constitution and Code of Conduct and we are accountable to the Sea Point Community Policing Forum (CPF) and our members.


Our key activities include:


  • Representation on the CPF Exco and attendance of monthly and special meetings.
  • Representation at the monthly CPF General Meeting, where all key players are involved, i.e. SAPS, Law Enforcement, Metro and Traffic Police, LPR and Cyclops cameras etc. This meeting is being chaired by the long-standing community stalwart, Ms Heather Tager.
  • Attendance of monthly SAPS Sectors’ meeting.
  • The arranging of monthly Crime Awareness Walks and assistance to SAPS as and when required, i.e. Cape Town Festival etc.
  • Attend and organised regular Exco meetings.
  • Attend monthly GPRRA meetings.
  • Liaise and communicate with GPNW members through various official communication channels – see below.
  • Deal with special projects such as fundraising, CID / SRA extension from Boundary Road to Varney Road etc.
  • Arranging and organizing an annual AGM.


  1. How do we communicate?


We communicate with members mainly through our:


  • Official GPNW Crime & Emergency Whatsapp Group
  • GPNW e-mail at:
  • Social media – Facebook: this is work in progress at present
  • Direct contacts, personal or by telephone
  • GPNW Radio network

The 2-Way radio system is our ‘pièce de résistance’ of which we are exceptionally proud. It enables the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch to remain in touch with its members, all relevant security and emergency services personnel. Our secured 2-Way Radio communication system has 100% coverage of Green Point, Mouille Point and Sea Point.

The radios use a dedicated, ICASA assigned, Digital UHF receiver to communicate with all members, SAPS patrol vehicles, senior SAPS officials, City Improvement District mobile units, 2 x ADT local patrol vehicles and our highly regarded 24hr GPNW WatchCom situated within the Avenue Response Sea Point operations centre (Avenue Response controllers donate and dedicate time and effort in playing this vital role). 

We have roughly 22 GPNW radio holders spread around Green Point (and two in Sea Point) and the number has been growing steadily since the latest Exco took over in September 2018 (having added an additional 4 new radio members in those 6 months). Instantaneous reporting of crimes-in-progress, or real-time communication of suspicious characters or behaviour in a particular area has proved to be an invaluable tool in the prevention of crime and apprehension of criminals.

Should you wish to acquire a 2-Way radio, please contact the and raise an expression of interest. Further details will be given via direct communication.

The issuance of a GPNW radio is subject to police clearance and approval of the GPNW Executive Committee – this is to ensure the highest integrity and security of the network.



  1. Our relationship with the GPRRA


The GPNW works closely together with the GPRRA on matters that may affect the larger GP area, i.e. community projects.


  1. What is the CPF and what do they do?


The CPF (Community Policing Forum) is a “watchdog”/oversight body that works closely with SAPS on crime related issues and general matters i.e. the issue and control of Liquor Licences. Crime hotspots and the general administering of law and order in the Atlantic Seaboard. The CPF identifies SAPS manpower and vehicle shortages and assists with motivating the increase thereof.


  1. Crime Situation in GP including some Stats.


According to SAPS guidelines, specific crime statistics are not allowed to be published. We, however, may issue information on the key crimes and some hotspots. We will endeavour to improve the crime information flow to GPNW members.




Currently the main crime concerns in GP are:

  • Common Robberies – this is an opportunistic crime, always be aware of your surroundings. All B & Bs and hotels to advise guests accordingly. Mainly Main and High Level Roads in GP and with winter setting in especially in the early mornings when it is still dark..
  • Theft out of motor vehicles (TOOMV) – this is a common crime in Cape Town and everyone is reminded NOT TO LEAVE VALUABLES in your vehicle. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR VEHICLE MANUALLY AFTER LOCKING REMOTELY
  • Theft of Motor Vehicles (TOMV)- recent cases reported indicates that VW Polos has been targeted. A recommendation is that vehicles, which are left unattended in streets, should be secured with alarms and steering locks.
  • Housebreakings – This is also a crime that has slightly increased compared to last year same period. Residents are reminded to carefully assess their safety systems in homes.
  • Generally, there will always be crime, but together with SAPS and the GPNW we are striving to make GP as crime free as possible.


  1. Lane Situation in Green Point.


This matter has been a topic of discussion in GP for at least the last 30 to 40 years. Some residents believe that the open lanes are contributing to crime. The GPNW Exco discussed this topic at length and came to the conclusion that we simply don’t have sufficient information/facts on this issue, i.e. which are the problematic lanes, which residents are affected most, what are the crime statistics relating to the lanes etc, etc.  Our position is that we are neutral to lane closures or the restriction of lanes being open.  Once more facts are available, which could assist the GP Community to make informed decisions on this issue, this position might change. Our suggestion is that a small steering committee be formed to gather facts to assist in this matter and to ensure that an informed decision is taken. GPNW members and residents, who wish to get involved with this issue, can contact us by e-mail at:



  1. What can YOU as GPNW member/resident and potential new members do for the GP Community?


  • Report all suspicious behaviour and unusual occurrences, i.e. ”be the eyes and ears of SAPS”.
  • Encourage neighbours and friends to report crimes with a relevant Case Number.
  • Know your neighbours and engage with them especially when your house is un-occupied and when you are away.
  • Assist to establish a “Street Captain” system in your street, i.e. one person who can represent all in the street, for instance at the monthly Sector meetings.
  • Support and attend monthly Crime Awareness Walks (just 1 hour a month of your time).
  • Participate regularly on the Radio Group (if you are a radio holder) and/or on the Crime and Emergency Whatsapp Group.
  • Get involved with committees and give feedback information to the GPNW Exco.
  • Lastly, pay your GPNW Subscriptions, currently R250 per annum as unanimously agreed to by the GPNW AGM held on 22nd November 2018.


  1. How can you contact us?


The GPNW can be contacted via our website and e- mail as mentioned above or by direct contact to an Exco Member or through the Crime & Emergency or Radio Whatsapp Groups.



Other important contact numbers 








Other Important Contact Numbers:


Sea Point Police Station021-430-3700
Sector 1 Patrol Vehicle        082-378-7553


In an emergency:

From a cell phone                  From a landline                    





City of Cape Town021-480-7700
SAPS from a landline10111
Netcare 911& NSRI082-911
ER24 084-124
Fire Department021-535-1100
Metro Police CoCT021-596-1999
Law Enforcement CoCT021-596-1999
SAPS Direct Numbers to be used with discretion:
Col Engelbrecht

(Head of Sea Point SAPS Visible Policing)

082-469-2509 and


Sergeant Balie (GP Sector 1 Manager)082-302-2461   

 PDF Version is available for download HERE