Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa

GPNW NewsLetter 2/2019

GPNW Newsletter – October 2019


Topics of this Newsletter:

1. Crime Statistics for Green Point / Sea Point
2. Homeless People Situation
3. Projects & Initiatives
4. Upcoming Events
5. Additional Information
6. Important and Emergency telephone numbers

The Minister of Police released the latest crime stats in early September, and an analysis of the ten year crime stats for the Sea Point SAPS precinct shows that the crime, after peaking in 2011 has been steadily declining and is at a 10-year low:

·  In 12 categories crime was at, or almost at, a 10-year low.

·  In all but 3 categories (common robbery, carjacking, robbery at non-residential premises) reported incidents in 2019 were below the 10-year average.

·  Violent crime (murder, attempted murder, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, rape, sexual offences, attempted sexual offences) is low.

·  Other serious crimes (carjacking, robbery with aggravating circumstances, burglary at non-residential premises) are either low (in the single digits) or stable (no increase from the prior year).

·  On the downside common assault, common robbery, and malicious damage to property remain weekly occurrences (an average of 1-2 incidents per week).

·  While burglary at residential places decreased in 2019, it still is a nearly daily occurrence.

·  Theft of Motor Vehicles increased by 23% and on average 2 vehicles are stolen each week, and while Theft Out of Motor Vehicles decreased slightly, an average of 3 vehicles are broken into daily – see below as to what can be done to help curb this.

The Green Point / Sea Point community compares favourably with other Atlantic Seaboard communities (Clifton / Camps Bay / Bakoven and Hout Bay) with GP/SP being the lowest in 5 of 9

Contact Crime categories (without being highest in any of the remaining 4 categories), and thelowest in 4 out of 6 Aggravated Robbery sub-categories.

Green Point / Sea Point reflect the highest incidents in all categories of Crimes Detected as a Result of Police Action, but this is most likely as a result of Sea Point SAPS being more proactive in initiating searches at traffic and other stops.

Incidents per population for commercial crimes, shoplifting, and regrettably, sexual assault and contact sexual offences are higher in GP/SP (but these crimes are not a serious problem in any of
the three precincts.)

Theft Out of Motor Vehicle is significantly higher in GP/SP than in any of the other two Atlantic Seaboard communities.

International comparisons are a bit more difficult because crimes may be categorized differently in other countries, but the murder rate in GP/SP is similar to the rate in Chicago, and aggravated assault appears to be lower than NY, LA and Chicago. The robbery rate in GP/SP also appears to be similar to Chicago (and lower than London.) Burglary is on par with Detroit, and theft of motor vehicles is comparable to LA and nearly half the rate in Detroit.

Points To Remember
While Green Point is fortunate that the rate of violent crime is low, we clearly have a major challenge with theft out of motor vehicles and theft of motor vehicles, and to a slightly lesser extent, with burglaries at residential premises. It is worth reminding members of the following
important measures to be considered:
·  Theft out of motor vehicles (TOOMV) – with many residents having to rely on street parking, all residents are reminded to not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Car alarm jamming is very active in our area – ALWAYS CHECK YOUR VEHICLE MANUALLY AFTER LOCKING REMOTELY

·  Theft of Motor Vehicles (TOMV) – a recommendation is that vehicles, which are left unattended in streets, should be secured with alarms and steering locks. If you hear a car alarm, please investigate this immediately.

·  Housebreak-ins – people should not leave windows without burglar bars open, especially at night when asleep. In addition, recently there have been a number of cases where criminals have used bins and other objects or have climbed up drain pipes to gain access to higher level apartments. Please review your home to identify and secure potential points of entry.

What can you do as a member of the GPNW?

·  Report all suspicious behaviour and unusual occurrences, i.e. “be the eyes and ears of SAPS”.

·  Encourage neighbours and friends to report crimes with a relevant Case Number.

·  Know your neighbours and engage with them especially when your house is unoccupied and when you are away.

·  Assist to establish a “Street Captain” system in your street, i.e. one person who can represent all in the street, for instance at the monthly SAPS Sector meetings (held on 1st floor in the Sea Point SAPS boardroom once a month).

·  Support and attend monthly Crime Awareness Walks (just 1 hour a month of your time).

·  Participate regularly on the Radio Group (if you are a radio holder) and/or on the Crime and Emergency Whatsapp Group.

·  Get involved with committees and give feedback information to the GPNW Exco.

·  Lastly, pay your GPNW Subscriptions, currently R250 per annum as unanimously agreed to by the GPNW AGM held on 22nd November 2018.


Homeless people are a perennial problem in the area, and there recently appears to have been an increase in the number of people sleeping along Helen Suzman Boulevard. Councillor Bryant has recently submitted a Motion of Exigency to the City requesting an Interim Urban Management Plan for Helen Suzman Boulevard and surrounds. In July 2019 the City of Cape Town announced a new policy of levying fines and confiscating the belongings of people sleeping illegally in public places. A lawyer filed suit against the City on behalf of seven named homeless people who had been fined, and an injunction preventing the City from taking any further action under specific bylaws. The injunction led to a temporary suspension of removal activities, but following clarification, the City recently resumed removing illegal shelters.

What can you do as a member of the GPNW?
If you see any illegal shelters please log a service request at and/or call Law Enforcement at 0860 765423.


3.1 Donation drive for more cameras in GP
GPNW has been able to raise R30,000 for at least one additional camera in GP, with R20,000 being donated by Ultra Liquor/Spar, R5,000 coming from the GPRRA and an additional R5,000 from the GPNW.

Funds are needed for additional cameras and the GPNW will embark on a donation drive to raise more funds, especially at our upcoming AGM. Any resident who wishes to contribute to this project can contact

3.2 Improved street lighting in GP
GPNW believes that improved street and lane lighting would contribute to reducing crime in Green Point. Concerned residents can support GPNW by informing us where additional lighting should to be installed; kindly contact: with the street name indicating exact location where additional lighting is needed and GPNW will provide the information to the City.

3.3 Crime Awareness Walks: Why, Where and When?
This is a joint GPNW / SAPS initiative, that is in line with the GPNW mandate as outlined in our constitution; we normally meet at Spar / Ultra Liquor parking lot. It creates awareness and assists SAPS with more visible policing.

This event happens once a month, but if there are enough volunteers we would welcome more frequent walks.

3.4 GPNW assistance with SAPS Building repairs/upgrade
The Sea Point Police Station is scheduled to be revamped in 2020. In the interim, however, a group of GPNW members and other GP residents raised funds to repair broken windows and touch up some areas with a new coat of paint. A total amount of R2,000 was needed, and we were able to raise more than R3,000 within a couple of hours. The donors agreed to give the remaining R1,000 to the Station Commander to use for buying birthday snacks for station members. A word of special thanks to Lawton’s Hardware Store who donated some of the much needed supplies.

Col. Mouton, the Sea Point SAPS station commander, has expressed her thanks to the residents who donated towards the improvement of the station.

3.5 Recent meeting with Councillor Dave Bryant

During a recent GPNW Exco meeting we engaged with our Councillor on the following points:

·  Vagrancy / homelessness / drug users in GP

·  Hijacked Hospital Building and former Nurses Home now a Squatter Camp.

·  The possibility to merge Green Point and Sea Point from a ward council perspective as our current Councillor (Dave Bryant) has 11 wards under his jurisdiction.

·  CoCT ward budget for additional security for Green Point for items 3.4 and 3.1 above.

·  GPNW AGM 21 st November 2019

·  Crime Stats report back by SAPS and the Atlantic Seaboard CPF. A public meeting will be taking place sometime in the near future, the exact date / time and venue will be communicated.


In our previous Newsletter 1/2019 we covered the following points:

1. Who are we?
2. What tasks does GPNW perform?
3. How do we communicate?
4. What is our relationship with the GPRRA?
5. What is the CPF and what do they do?
6. Crime situation in GP including some Stats
7. What is the Lane situation in GP?
8. What can YOU (as a GPNW member/resident) do for the GP Community?
9. How can you contact us?
10. Important Telephone numbers – see last page below

All GPNW newsletters are available on our website and it will also be sent to GPNW members via email. Our website can be visited at

You may get in touch with us directly by sending an email to or visit our FaceBook page on

The GPNW can be contacted via our website and e- mail as mentioned above or by direct contact to an Exco Member or through the Crime & Emergency or GP Radio WhatsApp Groups.



Other Important Contact Numbers:
Sea Point Police Station021-430-3700
Sector 1 Patrol Vehicle082-378-7553
In an emergency:
From a cell phone From a landline
City of Cape Town021-480-7700
SAPS from a landline10111
Netcare 911& NSRI082-911
Fire Department021-535-1100
Metro Police CoCT021-596-1999
Law Enforcement CoCT021-596-1999
SAPS Direct Numbers to be used with discretion:
Col Engelbrecht
(Head of Sea Point SAPS Visible Policing)
082-469-2509 and 084-558-3505
Sergeant Balie (GP Sector 1 Manager)082-302-2461