Membership + Joining

Membership to the Green Point Watch is voluntary and open to any resident, business or body corporate falling within Green Point. Please refer to the map on the Watch Map page or if you are unsure please e-mail us on

Register now in order to receive regular updates about Green Point Watch activities so you can decide how you can play your part. Also refer to the bet Connected / Involved page of the various activities of the Green Point Watch.

By applying for memberships you agree to the Constitution and Code of Conduct of the Green Point Watch. The constitution and code of conduct is posted in the blog section of the website. The Green Point Watch is cannot be held liable for any members actions or consequences.


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Email confirmation of form sent to your email (including constitution + code of conduct)
Completed form forwarded to SAPS to obtain a police clearance.
Notification to be sent via emailed after SAPS clearance.

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