Van Eyssen Fund

The Clive van Eyssen Foundation was started after his passing by the Green Point Neighbouthood Watch (GPNW) to continue his support and sense of social consciousness in the community. The foundation is dedicated to social and crime fighting projects in the community. In the reuniting of homeless people with their families; supporting places of safety;the Haven night shelter; the Homestead as well as support of community projects.

Clive van Eyssen

Clive was a son, brother, husband, father, friend, mentor, confidant, teacher, coach, worker, helper, metal artist, ceramicist, tour guide – the list goes on. He was an active member of the Green Point Community and everyone knew him for his presence and helpfulness. Clive was very involved with the Neighbourhood Watch, especially with regard to safety and security as well as social projects, particularly supporting the homeless. He was known to one and all for his big smile, even bigger Hugs, generosity of time and selfless assistance. He would lend his help to anyone at any time of the day or night regardless of your disposition. Clive was a Family man first and very involved with the Zip Zap Circus family as well from its inception and was its no. 1 Marketing and PR agent.

Clive passed away on 22 June 2014 and thereafter the Clive van Eyssen Foundation was formed by members of the GPNW. The foundation is dedicated to social projects and programs in the neighbourhood with strong emphasis on uplifting the homeless.


Should you wish to make a donation please pay into the account and provide your emails as a reference

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Account Name Green Point Neighbourhood Watch
Bank Standard Bank
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